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How does Develoteam Investment work?

We are a Seed Fund. We help companies and individuals to start developing their businesses. Above all, we help people who have the ability to self-motivate and a creative idea for themselves. We support inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs, the imaginative and brave people who can transform enthusiasm into passion for creation. We are looking for people who share our values and are not afraid to launch innovative ideas on the market. We invest in new technologies and ground-breaking ideas at the early stage of implementation or planning.

Who can use Seed Funds?

Most young companies with a market potential. Their strength is the enthusiasm, motivation and commitment of the founding team. However, this is not enough to survive on the difficult start-up market, let alone find a permanent place in the canon of technology companies.
Young organisations often suffer from a lack of adequate capital and business experience. It is important to support everyday operations and strategic thinking, as well as a broad vision of the whole. The solution is Seed Funds such as Develoteam Investment.

Develoteam supports its partners in four ways:

Through financial support

Through business experience

Through the ecosystem of the Develoteam Investment group

Through developing managerial competences

Sławomir Konikiewicz CEO

In his career, he combines advisory activity with many years of managerial practice in the IT sector. He got a scholarship and finally a master's degree at the Technical University in Prague (CVUT) in the specialization of Microelectronics Integrated Circuits Design. After a short academic work at the Institute of Electron Technology, he started his professional career as a system engineer in the IT market, that was then at starting point in Poland. Gaining new professional and managerial experience while working for recognized American companies, such as Sun Microsystem Inc. (System Analyst and then Sales Manager); IBM (Country Lotus Manager) or StorageTek (Country Manager), he was preparing for the later challenges related to running his own business in the field of information technology. The next stage and the crowning achievement of the acquired knowledge and experience in a professional career was work for Polish and local companies in this sector, creating many own projects, the most famous of which are Comtegra S.A., Content Networks Sp. z o.o. or Eurocert Sp. z o.o.
Sławomir Konikiewicz is the author and co-author of many implemented strategies for the development and transformation of enterprises in ICT sectors. He has successfully completed many projects in the field of technology consulting, business consulting and projects increasing the effectiveness of sales and marketing.
Currently, he associates his professional future with investments in the IT dependent sectors, creating and implementing innovative strategies, transferring technologies from the IT industry to other verticals. Although strategy is his favorite discipline, he is equally at ease in sales and marketing.
In his spare time, he runs, sails, swim, play tenis and travels to wild locations.

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