Dedicated platform automating processes in sales and marketing.

Center management processes

Fordevelop is a customized platform for modern marketing to support both online and direct sales. It organizes the key areas of the business, the presentation of the offer online and in a meeting, the monitoring of the website and customer activity, the acquisition and management of contacts. Fordevelop fits easily into the active processes of your company.

Solutions fordevelop are matched to your organization


Contractor Information Center

Bid Management

ERP Integration


Offers and Products Catalog

Converting anonymous traffic into sales leads

Automated personalized communication


Web site offer management

Time bookings associated with CRM data

Lead preference analysis


Connecting contractors with a contractor

Generating and sending documents

Automating verification processes


Marketing consent management system

Marketing automation to reduce abandoned carts

Automated customer scoring and grouping


Implement solutions under your business model

Integrate with multiple external systems

Complete component of a corporate system